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We have gathered a ton of random Anonfile links from automation and lots of clicking.
We periodically check if the links are still valid and make files that contain some of those.
Now we offer a service to give you any number of random, working AnonFile-Links you choose.

Discord Setup
Want a discord-server of your own? Got one already? But does it look ugly and people don't want to stay there?
Don't worry, we got you covered with our discord-setup service! We provide everything you need on a discord server.
From setting up categories, channels and roles to even coding your own bot, we got it all!
For reference, see: Our discord-server. You can also contact us there if you have any further questions.

Need a website of your own, for doing whatever you like to do? Don't quite know how to set it up yourself?
Or maybe you're just too lazy for coding and can't be bothered.
Whatever the reason, we got you covered with our Website-creation service. No questions asked.
You just tell us what goes on there and we'll do everything else for you so that
you can lean back and enjoy your fancy new website.
(Hosting not included by default. Contact us for pricing and further information.)

Have a website but nowhere to host it? Want to run your scripts 24/7?
Want your own fancy email-address or need a server for anything else?
We got you covered! Enjoy our services including:

Setting up a Linux-server for your personal use,
Installing any software you need for whatever you plan to do
Managing and maintaining the server and said software aswell as
performing any other sysadmin-related tasks.

As with all our services: No questions asked. We don't care about what you put on there, it is your server.

Anything missing?
If you feel like your service belongs here, contact us on
Our discord-server